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Dear Citizens,

Providing quality education to the children of our State is a passion of mine. That might sound a little strange, but a lack of access to good schools affects several children especially for those belonging to poor families. Government of Andhra Pradesh believes in academic excellence, sensitivity to child education, promotion of RTE for all, and for cultivating a realistic hope of creative transformation.

Ensuring every girl and boy has the opportunity to access and complete a safe, quality education is essential to advancing their full participation.

We are aiming to provide state of art infrastructure in schools that match the demands of modern technology be it furnished and computer enabled classrooms, good playgrounds, laboratories, toilet facilities for boys and girls, clean drinking water and good hostel facilities.

But we can't do it alone. The only way to do all these and more is through building partnerships that help build a strong edifice for the education sector.

I've always believed that individuals have the power to change the world. With your support, we can carry on our efforts to increase opportunity for scores of school children, mobilize communities to enroll every child in school and improve overall quality in education.

Whether it's building new schools, organizing training facilities for students and teachers, creating sports facilities, providing IT enabled services in schools, improving the school infrastructure, it all depends on us coming together to accomplish these goals. Please go through the Donors Corner on this website to know more about the help you can offer. Your gift will make a difference in the lives of several school going children. Simply put, it will help mould careers. It will make school going and learning an ennobling experience for children. Working collaboratively to ensure every student achieves academically, socially, and emotionally.

It's your support that will make it possible to empower a little boy in a tribal hamlet or a girl in a remote village in Andhra Pradesh to grow up and change his/her community; that makes these children and several of them around the State, close their eyes and see that no dream is beyond their grasp.

Together, let us build the kind of schools we want all our children and grandchildren to study in.

Sri. Ganta Srinivasa Rao
Minister of Human Resources Development

Cause Cost (Rs) Cost (USD) Money is utilized for
Adopting a School 20,00,000 29,767 Maintenance of School Building, Construction of Boundary wall, Providing Drinking Water, Furniture, Library
School Building 5,60,00,000 8,33,464 Construction of model school building
Digital Classroom (Donor Nominated Name) 1,50,000 2,232 1 Projector, 1 white screen, 1 UPS , 2 Laptop/Computer, Speakers and 1 Printer
ICT Lab (Donor Nominated name) 9,00,000 13,395 A computer lab with 20 systems and UPS
Science Laboratories (Donor Nominated name) 5,00,000 7,442 Complete Lab equipment
Kitchen Shed (Donor Nominated name) 1,50,000 2,233 Cooking shed for Mid-Day Meals
Drinking water 1,50,000 2,233 RO/UV water plant
Classroom 2,00,000 2,977 1 classroom
Furniture 50,000 744 10 Godrej classroom desks
Boundary wall (Minimum Contribution) 1,00,000 1,488 Contribution to boundary wall made of bricks.
Sports Equipments 1,00,000 1,488 Cricket kit, Basket-ball court, badminton court etc.,
Nutritious diet including milk (tetra pack) 20/-   Per day per student. Minimum 1 school.

Would you like to partner with us in achieving our vision of Sunrise AP? Write to us at vidyamithra@apschooledu.in.
We will get back to you within 48 hrs with details.

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