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A Summer Residential School Programme, Andhra Pradesh

Greetings !

The Department of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, is conducting a summer residential camp - Gnana Dhaara- for students of Government schools transitioning from Class 5th to 6th , and Class 9th to 10th. This programme is being conducted from 07.05.2018- 07.06.2018. Gnana Dhaara is a residential cum bridge summer program, which aims to curb dropouts in this crucial transition period and impart foundational skills through an extra month of instructional teaching, mixed with co-curricular activities to help in the holistic development of the students. The Department of School Education, Andhra Pradesh invites active volunteers to make this program a grand success. An invitation is extended to student volunteers who wish to intern/ volunteer their time, conversing and sharing their story to success and their lessons from failures. Volunteers may register here and the Mandal Education Officer/Head Master/Mistress or Teacher-Incharge of the school will contact you as per a pre-determined plan. The volunteer can then spend time in the allotted hostel interacting with the students from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, in the presence of the Teacher Incharge. Volunteers may indicate any district and mandal as per convenience, and the teacher will contact them as per requirement.

Thank you!

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