R4.1 Medical Reimbursement Report
For Medical Reimbursement Help Line contact 9652857788 from 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM in working days.
S.No. Claim Id Employee Name School Name Treatment For Amount Claimed (Rs.) Status
1 0348178/MB11/1797/2017 CHAGANTI SUBRAHMANYAM MPPS (JP) VELLA Mother 116671 Sent to Dispatch
2 0324106/MB11/2813/2017 RANKIREDDY VISWWANADHAM ZPHS (A) VEMAVARAM Self 317489 Sent to Dispatch
3 p031731542/MB21/2986/2017 KANCHAPU LAKSHMANA RAO SRGHS TUNI Spouse 151721 Sent to Dispatch
4 03006813/MB21/3141/2017 NITTALA BHASKARA RAO MPPS KAMMIREDDIPALEM Spouse 57728 Sent to Dispatch
5 03033596/MB21/3261/2017 GORTHI SEETHA MAHALAKSHMI MPUPS TALLAPOLAM Self 93933 Sent to Dispatch
6 152 12/MB21/3475/2017 K.V.S.S.S. SARMA MPPS (MAIN) PALIVELA Spouse 63195 Sent to Dispatch
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