R4.1 Medical Reimbursement Report
For Medical Reimbursement Help Line contact 9652857788 from 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM in working days.
S.No. Claim Id Employee Name School Name Treatment For Amount Claimed (Rs.) Status
1 0932693/MB12/1431/2017 SHAIK SHAHEEN SULTANA MPPS(URDU) PARUMACHALA Mother 214041 Sent to Dispatch
2 090117812/MB22/1436/2017 A. RANGALAKSHAMMA WIFE OF LATE A.P. VENKATAIAH MPPS KOWLUR Spouse 173700 Sent to Dispatch
3 p090933495/MB22/2269/2017 K.MURALIDHARA RAO ZPHS DORNIPADU Self 101387 Sent to Dispatch
4 0951508/MB12/2424/2017 KUPPALI PADMAVATHI MPPS HUSSAINAPURAM Mother 140547 Sent to Dispatch
5 0919019/MB12/2608/2017 PADAM RATHNA KUMARI MPPS MUTHYALAPADU Daughter 164690 Sent to Dispatch
6 0918619/MB12/2719/2017 GOPIREDDY MADHAVI GOVTHS ALLAGADDA Self 120000 Sent to Dispatch
7 0926182/MB12/2783/2017 MODAMPURI M. SHOBA DEVI MPUPS KONGANAPADU Spouse 192191 Sent to Dispatch
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