R6.1 NOC Status For Travelling Abroad

Sl.No School Code School Name Teacher Name Designation Mobile Number Request raised date passport valid up to Purpose of Visit No Objection Certificate Number Comm Proceedings
1 28231401002 ZPHS VAMPALLE TANKASALA MUNIKANTHA School Asst./PGT / JL ( English ) 9494585537 24/10/2017 11/12/2023 TO ASSIST PREGNANT DAUGHTER 28231401002NOC1393 -
2 28233501703 MPUPS ANKISETTIPALLE VAKA KUSUMA KUMARI School Asst./PGT ( Social Studies ) 9652742326 05/12/2017 06/03/2024 MY SON AND DAUGHTER INLAW ARE LIVING IN USA HER DELIVERY DATES TO LOOK AFTER HER 28233501703NOC1482 -
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